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380 THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT How has "the abomination of desolation" Matt xxiv 15 been generally explained What objections attend the usual explanations Were the warnings of this chapter of any after service to the Christians Explain our Lord's words Where the carcase is there the eagles will be gathered together Matt xxiv Give the derivation of τρύπημα ραφ Matt xix 24 ευώνυμος Matt xx 23 καταπίτασμα Mark xv 38 μεθ- ερμηνεύομαι Mark xv 34 Χατομέω Matt xxvii 60 άκρασία Matt xxiii 25 Why did our Lord refuse to manifest His power by per- forming miracle in the presence of Herod Luke xxiii Place the seven words which our Lord uttered from the Cross in the order in which they were uttered Draw out such harmony of the events of the Resurrection morning as it seems to you will best reconcile the statements of all the Evangelists Why does our Lord say go to my Father and your Father rather than to our Father" John xx 17 How do the Romanists explain the words Tell His disciples and Peter" Mark xvi What is the probable explanation of the introduction of Peter's name -Ci atts of tijt 3postlnS airti Αμ pastoral CEpuitlrjS What instances are recorded in the Acts- Of St Paul's supernatural powers Of his life being endangered With what plans and hopes did St Paul leave Ephesus How were they for time frustrated What purpose was served by the disappointment The influence of magic in the Heathen world in the first century What instances of it are mentioned or alluded to in
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