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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1858-1859-372

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374 THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT -Cije acts of tije HpoStle aitt ti pastoral ptsitlcsi State distinctly what may be gathered from these books as to the relations existing between Apostles Bishops Elders and Deacons in the Apostolic Church Compare the speeches of St Paul as reported in the Acts with the language and teaching of his Epistles What is the nature of the evidence supplied by this comparison The probable effect of the martyrdom of St Stephen on the mind and character of St Paul Write brief history of St Paul's work at Ephesus describing in particular the state in which he found the people of that city the state in which he left the Church on his journey to Jerusalem its condition shortly before his death Compare St Paul's conduct in circumcising Timothy with his resistance to the circumcision of Titus What were the principles that guided him in each case What analogous in- stances does the history of the Acts present to us Ρ What do we learn from these books as to the results of the contact between Judaism and Heathenism prior to the preaching of the Gospel Mention some of the more remarkable various readings in these books Translate the following passages with short explanatory notes "H δε περιοχή της γραφής ην άνεγίνοχτκίν ην αντη Ώς πρόβατον επ σφαγην ηχθη και ως αμνός εναντίον τον κείροντος αυτόν άφωνος ούτως ουκ άνοιγα τό στόμα αΰτοΰ Έι τι ταπεινώσει auroS η κρίσις αυτοΰ ήρθη την δε γενεάν αΰτοΰ τίς διηγήσεται οτι αίρεται από της γης η ζωη αυτοΰ Τενομενης δε ήμίρας ποιήσαντες Τίνες των Ιουδαίων σνστροφην ανεθεμάτισαν εαυτονς λέγοντες μήτε φαγεΐν μητε πιεΐν εως ου άποκτείνωσι τον Παΰλον Εΐ μεν ονν Αημήτριος και οΐ συν αΰτω τεχνΐται πρός τινα λόγον εχουσιν αγοραίοι άγονται και άνθνπατοί ε'ισιν εγκαλείτωσαν αλλ1 λοι5
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