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THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT 373 What are the characteristic features of St John's Gospel as distinguished from the three preceding with what special end may we suppose it to have been written Draw sketch of the Life of St Paul up to the moment when his first missionary tour began In what way may the early Versions be of use in settling the text of the New Testament Give examples β Trace the history of the Latin Versions of the Greek Testament from the earliest time to the Vulgate as we now possess it IX -Elje osipel of $t JHatrtjtto What does our Lord mean by the regeneration of which He speaks Matt xix 28 Bring the use of the word 7ra 1yyeve rta into harmony with its use Tit iii Why does our Lord put back the title of good given to Him by the rich young man Matt xix 17 What other reading is there here Explain how it arose Show the important difference between that which Christ actually had said and that which the false witnesses ascribed to Him Matt xxvi 61 Give the derivation of άρρωστο Mark vi 15 πίναξ Mark vi 25 πωρόω Mark vi 52 αφορών Mark vii σπυρί Mark viii 20 ζύμη Matt xvi 12 άκρασία Matt xxiii 25 αθώο Matt xxvii Give some account severally of the Pharisees the Sadducees and the Herodians Account for the sympathy of the Jewish populace with Barabbas How shall we understand the term ληστή applied tu him Trace the history of the word Paradise and of its uses especially with reference to Luke xxiii 43 How shall we reconcile the vinegar mingled with gall of Matt xxvii 34 with the wine mingled with myrrh of Mark xv 23 Why was this offered to the Lord and why did He refuse to drink it
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