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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1858-1859-211

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MEDICAL DEPARTMENT 211 application to the Director-General specifying by whom he is recommended his Christian and surname at full length the course of study he has pursued viz -the lectures the lecturers' names places were the lectures were delivered and the number of months during which he attended in accordance with the regulations together with any others in his possession If he possess any University degree he must also state its nature whether or diploma in Surgery and when and at what College or Univ3rsity it was ob- tained The number of months' attendance at hospital or infirmary must also be stated and if he have attended at hospitals for mental derangement and disease of the eye or lying-in institution particulars of such attendance must also be furnished The candidates must be unmarried not beyond thirty years of age nor under twenty-one years must possess the Diploma in Surgery of recognised school and must produce the following Testimonials Eighteen months' Hospital Practice twenty-four months'Anatomy twelve months'Practical Anatomy six months' Physiology twelve Surgery or what is preferred six months' Surgery and six months' military Surgery eight months'Clinical Surgery twelve months' Practice of Physic or six month's Practice of Physic and six months' General Pathology eight months' Clinical Lectures on the same twelve months' Chemistry six months' Practical Chemistry three months' Botany three months' Materia Medica three months' Practical Pharmacy or Apprenticeship three months' Natural History three months' Midwifery three months' Practical Midwifery one Course Natural Philosophy one Course Logic Candidates who have had an University education and have the degree of or as well as that of will be preferred but liberal education and competent knowledge of the Greek and Latin languages are indispensably requisite in every candidate and the greater the attainments of the candidates in various branches of science in addition to competent profes- sional knowledge the more eligible will they subsequently be deemed for pro- motion in the service for selections to fill up vacancies will be guided more by reference to such acquirements than to mere seniority Before promotion from the rank of Assistant-Surgeon to any higher rank every gentleman must be prepared for such other examinations as may be ordered before board of medical officers VII regulations of ϊηε medical department of the natt No person will be admitted as an Assistant-Surgeon in the Royal Navy who shall not produce certificate from one of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of England Edinburgh or Dublin or from the faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow of his fitness for that office nor as Surgeon unless he shall produce diploma or certificate from one of the said Royal Colleges or faculties founded on an examination to be passed subsequently to his appointment of Assistant-Surgeon as to his fitness for the situation of Surgeon in the Navy and in every case the candidate producing such certificate or diploma shall Ο
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