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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1858-1859-110

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no APPLIED SCIENCES Sodium -Rock Salt Sulphate and Carbonate of Soda Varieties of Glass Ammonium Salts of Ammonia Sal Ammoniac 2nd Group-Metals of the Alkaline Earths Barium -Salts of baryta Calcium -Lime Mortars Cements Building Materials Plaster of Paris Carbonate of Lime Magnesium -Magnesia Epsom Salts 3rd Group-Metals of the Earths Aluminum Alum Clays Pottery Ultramarine 4th Group-Metals allied to Iron ╬╗╬╗-Extraction of Alloys Calamine Cobalt -Smalt Nickel-German Silver Iron -Processes of Smelting Cast Iron Bar Iron Steel Pyrites Oies and Salts of Iron Chromium -The Chromates Manganese -Black oxide of 5th Group-Metals forming Oxides more Acid than Basic Tin -Alloys Muriates Antimony -Alloys Arsenic -Orpiment 6th Group Bismuth -Alloys and Salts of Copper -Smelting of Bronze Brass Blue Vitriol Lead -Extraction of Desilvering Use of Lead in Water supply Red Lead White Lead 7th Group-Noble Metals Mercury -Vermilion Calomel Corrosive Sublimate Silver -Assaying Plating Chloride and Nitrate of Silver Gold -Cupellation Quartation Gilding Platinum -Mode of working Salts of Influence of concurring Forces on Affinity III Organic Chemistry Classification of Organic Compounds Principles and Processes of Organic Analysis Sugar Process of Refining it Starch Malting -Gum Woody Fibre -Gun Cotton Paper Making Preservation of Wood Cordage &c Coal -Products of its Distillation Manufacture of Coal Gas -Economy of Fuel
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