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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1854-1855-396

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398 THE SCHOOL And in his left that kinges and kingdomes re wed Famine and fyer he held and therewythall He razed townes and threwe downe towers and all Cities he sakt and realmes that whylom flowered In honour glory and rule above the best He overwhelmde and all theyr fame devowred Consumed destroyed wasted and never ceast Tyll he theyr wealth their name and all opprest SECOND CLASS CLASSICAL SCHOLARSHIP -Ojc Ā£ os pcl accortimcj to &t fcuftt II -Cvttk antj Ivoman tetorn 91 The questions upon these subjects are the same as those set for the First Class Classical Scholarship III iKcttba Give short account of the life of Euripides In what Olympiad and what year before Christ was he born Who was his philosophical preceptor Quote some of the opinions in the Hecuba supposed to be derived from this source What other illustrious persons studied under the same master Give short analysis of the plot of the Hecuba Where is the scene laid Quote the passages on which you found your opinion What are the accounts given by Homer Virgil and Ovid respecting the death of Polydorus and the circumstances connected with it Give scheme of the Iambic Senarius Quote the rules laid down by Horace for this metre Explain tbe terms- Caesura Quasi Caesura and Pause Give instances of each from the Hecuba
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