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392 THE SCHOOL Meanings of the words -κηκίς-έπιπλα-εκδοσις-τηθίς -tokos-άρχα'ιον-πρόσοδος-έργον-σνμβόλαιον 10 From whence did the Athenians obtain their precious metals Of what did their currency chiefly consist How does this appear from their ordinary language 11 Give the Attic formations of the verbs -βονλομαι-μέλλω -δνναμαι-ωνεομαι-άμφισβητεω Distinguish γημαι -γήμασθαι-δανείζω δανείζομαι-μισθόω μισθοϋμαι-κατά Αφοβου προς Αφοβον IV 0cin'ptt$ C1 ramiu$ Whence came the money which built Greek theatre and defrayed the expenses of the representations Who superintended the rehearsals Distinguish between ποιεϊν and δράν and show how these terms applied or failed to apply to the play itself to the author to the actors to the chorus and to the personages πρόσωπα Why did some forty successive Greek tragic poets continue to repeat few old myths so that for instance there was an Edipus Antigone Philoctetes and Electra from Euripides as well as from Sophocles Is there any foundation hi reason for the law of Dramatic Unities Point out few characteristics of poetic language with examples When the Battle of Salamis was fought what were the ages of iEscliylus Sophocles Euripides At what period did Tragedy cease Why should Sophocles escape the banter of Aristophanes when it assailed Esehylus and Euripides Trace the prominence assigned to the Chorus by Thespis iEschylus Sophocles Euripides and Agathon Point out with limitations the existence of Doric and Ionic elements in tragic diction and explain why they appear in an Attic composition Remove with Porson the metrical irregularity of the fol- lowing line Ατλας υ χαΧκέοισι νωτοις ονρανόν and explain against Porson in the words of Pope that no cor- faction is letjuired
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