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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1854-1855-387

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THE SCHOOL 389 Detail the steps by which Philip of Macedon gained the supremacy of Greece with dates Explain Έ'ιλώτης-Σπαρτιάτης-τύραννος-λειτουργία- χορηγείν-Έρμης Praetor Consul Senatus Populus Plebs Imperator- explain these words β How is the Mons Sacer connected with the rise of the Plebs When were the Connubium Consulate and Praetorship ceded to Plebeians Give some account of First and Second Decemvirates with dates and 10 Compare dominions of Rome and Carthage before First Punic War Give terms of the peace by which that war was concluded β Give dates of Battles of Cannae Metaurus Zama 11 State the regulations of the Licinian Laws Explain the legislation of the two Gracchi 12 Give some account of-Leges Repetundarum Leges Sump- tuariae and Lex Papia Poppaea Describe the internal state of Rome after the conquest of Asia 13 Give short account with dates of civil war between Marius and Sulla 14 Name the members of the First and Second Triumvirates How was Octavianus related to Julius Caesar 15 Explain-Provincia-Colonia-Socii-Nomen Latinum- Novus homo-Judicia-Agnomen 1G Name the Attic writers of the time of Pericles and the Roman of the Augustan age III -Bim pijob Η ΪΒ Translate Κπι νμεϊς μεν ούδε των εις υμάς άμαρτανόντων υταν τίνος καταψηφίσησθε ου πάντα τά όντα άφείλεσθε ίλλ' ή γυναίκας ή παιδί" αυτών έλεήσαντες μέρος τι κάκείνοις ύπελείπετε' ούτοι δε τοσούτον διαφερυνσιν υμών ώστε καΐ δωρεάς παρ' ημών προσ- λαβόντες Ίνα δικαίως επιτρυπενσωσι τοιαύτ εις ημάς ύβρίκασι
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