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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1854-1855-375

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WARNEEORD SCHOLARSHIPS 377 15 If the square described upon one of the sides of triangle be equal to the squares described upon the other two sides of it the angle contained by these two sides is right angle 1G If straight line be divided into any two parts the square of the whole line is equal to the squares of the two parts together with twice the rectangle contained by the parts 17 To divide given straight line into two parts so that the rectangle contained by the whole and one of the parts shall be equal to the square of the other part 18 The angles in the same segment of circle are equal to one another 19 In circle the angle in semicircle is right angle but the angle in segment greater than semicircle is less than right angle and the angle in segment less than semicircle is greater than right angle IX -3fiUtffh of CljavIcS If Give some account of the leading statesmen at the com- mencement of the reign Explain the circumstances which led to the dismissal of the first three Parliaments of Charles Give what particulars you may recollect of the lives of Pym Hampden Elliot Falkland Give short account of the life of Strafford What was the occasion of the Scotch War and what was its result What was the immediate occasion of the Civil War Show how Cromwell became practically the leader of the army and what were the consequences What events followed the Battle of Naseby Give some account of the Presbyterians and Independents 10 How was the King at last condemned
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