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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1854-1855-370

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372 AVARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS &em1 micf crfuUt' ntit taufen afl bie &ne$t 930n euren HBagefafyrten fid er$af len SBei jebem 3f6fd ieb gittert ntir ba3 £er$ JDajj bu nitr nimmer aerbefl uueberfefyren 3φ fef bicf im toilbett Siegetiitg' SSerirrt 011ט etner Jtitppe 311 ber anbern Den yef ifpruncj tf un ef line bie emfe bicfy 9Ht cffJ tingenb mit fief in ben s3U 3runb rcijjt $8ie cine SSinblawine bid oerfdutttet 5Bie unter btv ber trugetifdje frim inbricfyt unb bu fyhta&ftnffi ein Ie&en&ig SBegraBner in bie fdjauetltdje ruft Grammatical questions on the same What case is tenter before trartenb Does this verb not usually govern preposition and which Give the 3d and 4th lines in the form which the period would usually have in prose What word could be used instead of ftcty in When must with be rendered through bet as it is in What could be said instead of mtr fea$ er$ Why is the subjunctive used in Is the usual order of collocation observed in What is the real meaning of mtr in the same line Translate into German We will wait here for the servants While we are waiting for the sportsmen their servants will perhaps return My heart trembles as often as take leave of him Having taken leave of her returned They had strayed among the glaciers and as they attempted to leap from one cliff to the other one made false leap and fell into precipice and sank under the treacherous snow where he lay like one buried alive
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