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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1854-1855-365

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APPLIED SCIENCES 307 sometimes termed Find the rate of acceleration produced by force of cwt acting upon weight of 3lbs 10 Prove the formula ft2 2J 11 bullet is fired from rifle at an inclination of 30 to the horizon and hits the centre of target feet from the ground at distance of 500 yards Find the velocity with which the bullet was projected VI -ConStructtbc romctvi pi State- The property of parallels which should be chiefly attended to in drawing and the construction which should be consequently employed The property on which the best mechanical means of drawing parallels is based The theorem of which the common parallel rule is the practical application Prove that if one leg of right angle is parallel to the plane of projection the orthographic projection of that angle will be right one The plan of finite line inches long is inches long at what angle is it inclined to the plane of projection Draw the plan of an equilateral triangle of inches side when two of its sides are inclined at 15 35 to the plane of projection Draw the plan of right cone inches high and having its base inches in diameter the plane of the base being inclined at 48 to the horizon Draw the plan of cube of inches edge when the plane of one face is inclined at 35 and one edge in that plane at 20 The area of regular pentagon is square inches construct the polygon Construct diagonal scale to show Metres Decimetres and Centimetres Metre being represented by inches
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