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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1854-1855-363

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APPLIED SCIENCES 3G5 Describe the properties of Iodine-and the mode of pre- paring it Mention the most important compounds of Fluorine Explain the reaction which occurs when Fluoride of Silicon is passed into water What are the compounds of Phosphorus with Oxygen Ho is Phosphoric Acid obtained Give the tests for Chlorine Bromine -and for Sulphuric Phosphoric and Carbonic Acids when in solution Describe the properties and composition of Marsh Gas and Oleiiant Gas IV -Cijcmis'tri Mention the principal precautions required in taking the Specific Gravity of Gas How is the correctness of Mercurial Thermometer to be tested What is the amount of information it affords Explain the term Specific Heat and describe one of the methods by which its amount is ascertained What relation if any exists between the Specific Heat and Chemical Equivalent of body Explain the mode in which mixture of Ice and Salt acts in producing temperature so much lower than either separately What are the points requiring attention to secure accuracy in the indications of the Balance Explain what is meant by double weighing what advantage does it secure Describe some of the means for distinguishing Negative from Positive Electricity Describe the action of the Cylinder Electrical Machine In charging an insulated Conductor where does the Elec- tricity accumulate and why Explain the action of Lightning Conductor and state the precautions to be observed in mounting one
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