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APPLIED SCIENCES 3G3 State the general principles which distinguish Arched from Tubular and Girder Bridges Explain what is meant by the line of resistance in an arch and show that an arch will or icill not be subject to disloca- tion by rotation according as the line of resistance does or does not cut the intrados or extrados at any point State the conditions necessary for good centre 10 Give general description of the centres employed in the construction of the Neuilly and Waterloo Bridges pointing out their respective merits or defects 11 What does the quantity represent in the formulae for computing the strength of tubes How is it determined 19 it constant for tubes of the same material 12 Define the Astronomical terms-"Right Ascension Declination Altitude Azimuth Hour Angle VI -JHamifarturincf Hit An Essay on the marine Steam Engine VII -Conatructtbe tomctn ExrLMN the application of the trammel to draw ellipses and demonstrate the principle on which it is founded Prove from the theory of orthographic projection that the areas of all parallelograms circumscribing an ellipse are equal Prove by elementary geometry that the hypocycloid described by point in circle rolling round the circumference of another of twice its radius is diameter of the latter Draw the plan of square of inches when one side and one diagonal are inclined at 15 and 30 to the horizontal plane Draw the plan of cube of inches edge when two of its faces are inclined at 35 and 70 to the horizontal plane Determine the shadow of the edge of hemisphere on the concave'surface when the altitude of the sun is 28 The side of spherical triangle is 37 and the angles are 20 and 40 Solve the triangle by construction
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