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APPLIED SCIENCES 3G1 Point out tbe formations below tbe Carboniferous and state what fossils are peculiar to them What fossils may be considered as decisive in determining sedimentary deposits more recent than the Carboniferous How would you proceed to examine foreign country and in what way would you record your observations and mark your specimens in order to render them permanently useful to more experienced geologists at home Mention some of the practical advanges of knowledge of Geology Give the crystalline form hardness and specific gravity of tbe following gems -Diamond Sapphire Topaz Spinel Ruby Emerald and Tourmaline Ill- Ci cmtetn What are the chief defects of the Mercurial Thermometer State what means should be adopted in testing its accuracy What is the Law of Expansion in gaseous bodies If quantity of gas be found at 50 Fahr to measure 10 cubic inches under pressure of 29 inches of mercury what will be its bulk at the standard temperature and pressure Describe and explain the action of the Air Pump What is meant by Endosmosis in liquids Trace its operation by an example Define the terms Temperature-Boiling Point-Evapora- tion-Latent Heat Explain the difference between Leyden Battery and Voltaic Battery What is the principle of the Astatic Galvanometer Describe the process of Electrotyping State the law of ordinary Refraction for Light IV -Cljcmtstrj Explain the principles upon which the Equivalents of the Elementary bodies are determined
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