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358 GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE 11 Three circles radii touch externally the area of the triangle formed by joining their centres ץ be 12 If the limb of an instrument reads to 10' and the Vernier reads to 10" how many divisions are there in the Vernier 13 If sin θ sin θ sin θ and if- sin θ sin θ sin θ &c Δ Ζ Ο find all the values of Θ 14 Prove that- tan V-Tr T3 tan "'1 23 &'C' tan Γ3ΤΤ ta "l 15 If 7i and be the radii of the circumscribed and inscribed circles r3 of the escribed ones and be the semi-peri- meter of the triangle prove that- 03 ί2 τ3 ARr s2 16 If straight line be perpendicular to plane which intersects another plane the projection of the line on the second plane cuts the intersection of the two planes at right angles 17 Adapt to logarithmic computa- tion 18 Find point within triangle from which the three sides shall subtend equal angles II -£U jcbra What is the difference between the 24th part of mil and the 25th part of farthing The cent being the 10th of florin how much per cent is it less than Find yt jfrom the equations- χ ν ax by cz 2c2 י If η be prime number every term of except the first and last is divisible by 11
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