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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1854-1855-338

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340 SCHOLARSHIP FOR MODERN HISTORY ETC III Scijolavsijip for jTlo&cm Dtstorn an& IZngltsft Literature -C dTtftij Ccntuvi tn ££Ic£ tcr £urope Define accurately the limits of the Western Empire at the accession of Honorius and describe the condition of Rome in social political and religious point of view at the same period Give an account of the invasion of the Western Empire by the following tribes ץ τι ו Visi Goths he Goths Ostro-Goths £ Vandals Huns Franks Burgundians Heruli Describe the geographical position of each of these tribes at the beginning and at the end of the Fifth Century and specify those which succeeded in establishing themselves permanently within the limits of the Western Empire In what relation did these tribes stand to each other in respect to race and language Was the influence of Christianity felt and acknowledged by all these tribes as they advanced west State which of them adhered to the Orthodox Church and which to the Arian Con- fession Was not their dominion transitory or permanent just in proportion as they were either heathen and heretical on the one side or orthodox on the other Give the dates of the following events -the Buttle of Pollentia the Sack of Home by the Goths tinder Alaric-the Death of Honorius-the Battle of Chalons-the Sack of Borne by Gensenc- the Battle of Soisso 13-and the Extinction of the Western Empire
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