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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1852-1853-364

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3 G0 THE SCHOOL Translate- μεν ην ποταμού σθένος νψίκερω τετραόρον φάσμα τανρον ΆχεΧώος άπ' Οίνιαδών' Illustrate from Latin poets the expression φάσμα τανρον applied to river State the legends about the Achelous Quote an allusion to it in Virgil Explain the following passage χρνσαλιικάτον τ' άκτάν κόρας νθ' ΈΧΧάνων ayopal ΙΙνΧάτιδες καΧεννται Translate άΧΧη δε κά τ δωμάτων στρωφωμενη ε'ί τον φίΧων βΧεψειεν οικετών δέμας εκΧαιεν ή δνστηνος εϊσορωμενη Of what canon of Dawes does the above afford an example Translate ίδρως avyei χρωτ κα προσπτνσσετο πΧενραίσιν άρτΙκοΧΧος ώστε τεκτονος χιτών άπαν κατ' άρθρον Is the omission of the augment in any case allowable ti Explain the construction- άνήρ οδ' ως εοικεν ού νεμείν εμο φθίνοντι μοΐραν Geographical positions of -Pleuron Trachis Dodona CEchalia Euenus fl GנtaI Maliacus Sinus Whose words are these Qmerere coepit Quid Sophocles et Thespis et iEschylus utile ferrent Ciive the dates of the three and explain the improvements in the drama attributed to them State Aristotle's definition of Tragedy and the parts into which fable is divided by him 10 What do you understand by the Dramatic unities Are they observed in the Trachiniai
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