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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1852-1853-352

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348 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT What proof is there of the manner in which Electricity excited by friction distributes itself in charged body How has this mode of distribution been accounted for State the principle upon which the Leyden jar is con- structed Explain the process of charging it Define the term Chemical Equivalent and exemplify its meaning Specify and explain the principal laws of Chemical Com- bination IV -Ci cmi$tn Give proofs that Water is compound body How may its components be obtained in state of purity Describe the characters of each What compounds does Nitrogen form with Hydrogen Describe the chemical properties of the most important of them and the method of preparing it Describe the process by which Chlorine is obtained What are its leading properties How is Sulphuretted Hydrogen procured Mention the most important of the metals which it precipitates from their acid solutions and the colour of the precipitate obtained How are Lime Baryta Strontia and Magnesia recognised in solution and distinguished from each other Describe the properties of Iodide of Potassium the tests of its purity and the method of preparing it portion of muscular tissue is suspected to contain lead how would you proceed to ascertain whether or not it is there How is Calomel obtained by what chemical properties is it known how would you ascertain whether it is free from Corrosive Sublimate Give the tests for Sulphuric Nitric Carbonic and Phos- phoric Acid while in combination
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