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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1852-1853-339

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APPLIED SCIENCES 335 What relation exists between the chemical equivalents of the Elements and their specific heats What means have we of estimating the amount of an Electric charge How may the kind of electricity in charged body be ascertained Describe the construction of the Astatic Galvanometer and its use What is Voltameter Explain the principle on which it acts Mention the chief circumstances which increase or diminish the resistance to the Voltaic current in its passage through solid and liquid conductors State and exemplify the ordinary law of refraction for light IV -Ci cmt Mention the usual gaseous constituents of the Atmosphere and their relative proportions State how the quantity of each may be determined in given bulk of air How may Solution of Ammonia be prepared Give the impurities which it is most liable to contain and the mode of ascertaining if it be free from them Describe the process of Alum-making and mention the mode of determining the quantity of Alumina in solution What is the usual process of Lead-smelting Give an outline of the method of separating Silver from Lead both by the old plan and by the process of Pattinson Mention the composition of some of the stones best adapted to building purposes W'hat means may be readily adopted for testing their general fitness for such uses What are the principal chemical compounds used for mortars and cements Explain the peculiarities of hydraulic mortar Give the tests for Soda Ammonia Magnesia Iron and Copper What is the composition of Alcohol Explain the mode of its formation from Sugar
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