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334 APPLIED SCIENCES II cologi antJ iiflineralotjp Give an account of the materials of which the Earth's crust is chiefly made up and the usual form in which those materials are presented for our examination What is Volcano and what are the usual phenomena of Earthquakes State any evidence you may know of the disturb- ance of level of large tracts of the earth's surface after earth- quakes What proof is there of changes of level taking place without earthquakes What are Fossils What do they prove Of what use are they in Geology What are the chief divisions into which Rocks have been grouped Explain particularly the subdivisions of the middle group Mention the economic uses of various beds of the Tertiary period in England In what rocks are Agates chiefly found Describe the Physical and Chemical characters of Felspar Give the crystalline form hardness specific gravity and chemical composition of Quartz How can you distinguish Gold from Brass Copper Pyrites Mica or Iron Pyrites 10 What crystalline forms can be obtained from Fluor-spar by cleavage III -Cijnnisltn Describe method of taking the specific gravity of an insoluble powder as Sand Describe the construction of the Differential Thermoscope and specify the kind of experiments to which it is applicable What was Melloni's contrivance to attain similar object Explain the use of the Vacuum Pan in the refinement Sugar Specify the causes which alter the temperature required for ebullition
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