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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1851-1852-342

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34G THE SCHOOL What may we infer to have been the state of the Church in the rei of Trajan Under what Roman emperors were the persecutions moel severe State the changes which took place under Constantine and give his character Where and when was the first Ecumenical Council held What heresy gave rise to it What was the result About what period did the Popes begin to claim the superin- tendence of the Universal Church What circumstances favoured their pretensions At what period and by whose instrumentality did they become temporal princes State the circumstances which render the popedoms of Gregory Gregory VII Innocent III and Clement remark- able Where and when was the Council of Trent held What doctrines were established by it Origin of the titles Lollards Protestants Puritans Lutherans Calvinists Give some account of the Anglo-Saxon Church and its con- nexion with the Church of Rome What led to the abolition of the Papal Supremacy in England Mention the chief measures of Edward VI with respect to the Church of England Give some account of Archbishop Laud Who were the Non-Jurors and what principles did they hold What was the Act of Uniformity What the Act of Tolera- tion When were they passed III -Dent 0l1mti Translate- Ου μην ίίλλ' επιεικώς ώ άνδρες Αθηναίοι τονθ' ο δυαμαχώ- τατόν εστι τών Φιλίππυν πραγμάτων καϊ βελτιστον νμΐν' το yap είναι πάντων εκείνον ενα όντα κΰριον καϊ ρητών καϊ απορρήτων καϊ άμα στρατηγόν καϊ δεσπότην καϊ ταμίαν καϊ πανταχού αυτόν παρεϊναι τω στρατενματι προς μεν τό τά τοΰ πολέμου ταχυ καϊ κατά καιρόν πράττεσθαι πολλώ προέχει προς δε τάς καταλλαγάς
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