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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1851-1852-333

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MEDICAL DEPARTMENT 337 IV -530tanu Describe and contrast the several varieties and arrange- ments of vascular tissue presented by Endogens Gymnogens and Acrogens Describe the course of the sap in vascular plants and explain the changes it undergoes Enumerate and explain the modes of dehiscence of fruits Define the natural order Solanaceas and distinguish between the British genera of that order To what orders do the apple the bean the turnip the carrot and the cocoa-nut belong-and why -piatnta Plcttica Describe the mode of preparation of the Tartrate of Potash and Soda its characteristics as salt and its uses for medicine Describe the mode of preparing the Trisnitrate of Bismuth its characteristics and its uses and doses as medicine What are the differences between the Chloride of Calcium and what is often called the Chloride of Lime the Calx Chlorinata of the Pharmacopoeia and what are the uses of the two as medicines What is the reason that very pure water cannot be kept in leaden vessels without becoming poisonous so easily as water that is less pure and how can such water passing through leaden pipes or kept in leaden vessels be rendered comparatively safe for the use of men and animals Describe the different salts of Morphia which are officinal in the their mode of preparation their uses and doses and state what are the advantages and disadvantages of using these or Opium as medicinal agents What are the advantages and disadvantages of using as alkalies the salts of Soda or of Potash in cases where relaxed treatment is required Describe the Colchicum autumnale What parts are ofit- ¤ä
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