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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1851-1852-327

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APrLIED SCIENCES 331 IV -Cijtmfctrg piece of Glass weighs in air 420 grains in water 250 in spirit 270 grains Required the density of the glass and of the spirit What is the corrected volume of cubic inches of Oxygen measured over mercury at temperature of 55 Fahr barometer 29 mercury in the jar inch above that in the bath State the principle upon which the measurement of Heat is founded and describe two of the best instruments for the purpose Describe and explain the process of freezing Water in vacuo by the method of Leslie Mention and illustrate the principal methods by which heated body returns to its ordinary temperature What is the principle of action in the Cylinder Electrical Machine What means have we of distinguishing Positive from Nega- tive Electricity Explain what is meant by Electrical Induction State shortly the characteristic differences between Mag- netism and Electricity -Cljttiugtrj State the laws of Chemical Combination and give instances of each Enumerate the non-metallic Elements Give their symbols and equivalent numbers State the density of such as have been determined in the aeriform state Describe the properties of Carbon in its different forms How is Carbonic acid obtained in state of purity What are its leading characters and the tests of its presence Give some examples of Isomorohous bodies By what tests are Iodine Bromine and Fluorine and Phosphoric and Boracic acids known What are the components of the Atmosphere and the pro- portions in which they occur State the methods of obtaining
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